Free video calls, even without your cellphone


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Tango is a free video call program that allows you to talk, see and write to all your contacts that use this program with no cost and from any device without moving from your chair, wherever they are.

With the same purpose as WhatsApp, Line or Skype, this chat application is thought for the intercommunication of mobile phones, computers, tablets and iPods, principally for Android and iOS and now with this version also Windows with no difference to cellphones.

Tango is very easy to use; you only have to install the program, add your contacts and call with just a click, having the option to invite your friends to use Tango. The program works via 3G and WiFi from smartphone, PC or tablet. It uses MB from your data plan if you connect to the 3G of your smartphone, but also works from your WiFi network.

The video and sound qualities during the calls don´t have any problems in Windows, but it can vary depending on the mobile device. The controls are very easy and you can organise your contacts into different ways, configure the webcam, change the skin on Tango or look for updates.

In short, Tango is a good option to stay in contact with your friends if your mobile phone has run out of battery or you don´t feel like moving from your computer.
By Álvaro Toledo

- Windows XP/Vista/7 - Internet connection - Webcam - Microphone and loudspeaker - For voice call: a connection of 100kbps download/100kbps upload is recommended. - For video calls: broadband speed 4Mbps download / 512kbps upload and Core 2 Duo system with 1.8 GHz processor. Minimum connection required 512kbps download/128 kbps upload and system with 1 GHz processor.

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